An aged care placement agency will consult with you and your loved ones and take you through the whole process of your chosen aged care institution, taking into consideration what type of care you want and the number of people required to fill your position. An experienced aged care placement agency can then guide you and advise you of things like the entire process of selection, the costs involved and the financial consequences involved, finding reputable facilities and other services that fit into your situation and needs. The agency will work with the facility staff, making sure they are well qualified and trained to meet your needs. They will also ensure that you are assigned with a carer who is competent, motivated and has a sense of social responsibility.

Aged care placement agency will consult with you and your loved ones

aged care placement


Once you’ve received an aged care placement, you will be able to contact the care agency in any way that is convenient to you. For example, you could phone them to arrange a visit, or you may choose to send them an email. The agency will take your details, including the names of your family and friends, the address where you are staying and other contact details. They will then call or email you with information about your chosen care facility, which is then delivered to your carer. They will then discuss this with the staff and assess their suitability for your needs. You can then arrange a face to face meeting, and if needed, a telephone consultation. During the consultation, the agency will talk to you about your lifestyle and your particular situation.


Your carer and their family will then be sent to meet with the aged care agency to discuss what you’ll need and whether they will have a suitable person to help you. The agency will talk through all aspects of the care plan with your carer and explain what they will need to do and how much assistance they’ll get from you, along with a financial breakdown of costs. If you are interested in participating in their service, you must be prepared to put some time and effort into your choice of care. You must remember that you are the one who is in charge and that it is you who will make the final decision about the best aged care placement for yourself and your family.

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