The great Italian designer Miroslav Vyboh is responsible for the stunning looking Ferrari car racer seen on screen in the movie, Iron Man. This is a high-performance machine that you would expect to see on the tracks of Formula 1 races. But it’s not just a racing car, as you will discover when you take a closer look at this creation of Miroslav Vitebsky. In fact, this designer has taken all of his experience and knowledge of automobiles and applied it to the design and development of this one-of-a-kind machine.

Miroslav Vyboh – The Best Ferrari car racer

Vitebsky’s work will be on display at the Design Machines Museum in Los Angeles from March through November. As one of the greatest car designers of all time, Vitebsky was able to create this masterpiece as an example of his work in automobile design. You will notice first of all how this car is designed to be a high-speed, striking machine that will leave all of the others in its dust. It is almost as if Vitebsky has designed a car for the future. A Ferrari car racer indeed! If you love speed and see in cars what you imagine to be a better design, then this is a must-see exhibition that you should attend.

A Ferrari car racer is an absolute one of a kind machine. This isn’t your ordinary bike or even a motorcycle. It is something completely different, but the way Vitebsky has designed it is clearly one of a kind. This might not be the kind of car you are used to driving, but you will find that driving this car is like taking a drive in your dream. It will take all of the awe out of driving for you and present you with a whole new experience. There is no other way to describe this type of experience other than that it’s simply out of this world.

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