The Footstock Deal has seen a rise in its membership in recent months and it is a good time to become a member at this point in the season. Footstock is a fantasy football based on the sport itself, the players you have been watching for years will not be available for your team, but this does not mean that there are any less great players to pick from.

Footstock has different from traditional fantasy football.

To make use of the player cards, you simply have to follow the instructions printed on each of the player card to place them into your team. You pick your first team of up to nine players, the rest is up to you. It’s very easy to build your team, all you need to know is the right player for the right job. Footstock has a unique system for picking players that is so different from traditional fantasy football that the game has become known as a niche in itself. If you’ve never played Footstock before it is a fun game to play, and if you have played it before it is even more fun! You may feel like you are playing with your favourite team, but that can be a dangerous place to be if you are not familiar with the footwork of the players and what type of skills they have.

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