Vuse Alto Review. The review I am writing is about a new electronic cigarette with dual atomizers and a tank. Vuse is one of the brands that have emerged from the Chinese market with their latest product, the Vue. For those who do not know about the Vue brand, it is a relatively new company which has gained recognition in the past few years. One reason for its success is the product performance of their dual atomizer cigarettes. In this review I will try to give some insight into this amazing device and what makes it different from the rest.

Vuse Alto Review


Vuse Alto Review

Battery time: Recharge time: One hour. Battery Capacity: ~500 puffs per battery. Number of puffs per battery: 700-1000 puffs per battery. Cartomancy capacity: Cartomancy – 500 mg /ml or 4.5% Nicotine. Or, the maximum amount of nicotine allowed in the lungs. As I am an experienced smoker I would like to say that I cannot tolerate much nicotine and I find that these dual atomizers take away that problem from my life. Another very interesting feature of this product is that it is made in Japan, it does not feel like you are smoking a cigarette, it does not burn like a cigarette, it produces a vapor and is non-toxic.


Use Alto Review. I want to say that as I have seen the use review I know that the dual atomizer electronic cigarette with its dual coils has a lot of benefits over the conventional cigarette, the main one being it helps you to quit smoking. This is not a joke. It has been proved that smokers who use this kind of product are able to stop using tobacco for good. It does not produce second hand smoke and is absolutely safe for your health.

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