Hockey is a fast-paced, action-filled sport where two competing teams play each other with a wooden stick by attempting to manoeuvre a ball into the opponent’s net using a hockey stick. There are several kinds of hockey including ice hockey, field hockey, bandy and breakaway hockey. Resource –

How We Improved Our Norwich City Hockey In One Week(Month, Day)

One of the most well-known games played by enthusiasts in Canada and the United States is hockey. Ice hockey is played between two teams on an ice surface similar to that of a hockey rink. The game is played on an outdoor rink and players wear jerseys, masks, and helmets designed to protect them from hazardous exposure to the puck. Unlike field hockey, a penalty is not incurred if a player is penalized for a foul committed during a hockey game. However, a penalty may be assessed if a player delays the game for too long or is involved in an altercation during play.

A major component of ice hockey is the game play, which is divided into three phases – icing, paralling and stoppage. Icing is a crucial part of the game play and begins when a player touches the ice with his stick to make a pass or a shot. Parading or skating is when two or more players simultaneously move across the ice with the intention of creating scoring opportunities. And lastly, stoppage time is the final moment before the game ends. Each phase of the game has its own specific rules, and players and teams are holding accountable for abiding by those rules during game play.

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