What Is Laser Therapy For Pain?

A variety of studies have been conducted to determine if laser therapy for pain is a viable option. While the initial cost of this treatment is a little higher than many other forms of medical care, most insurance plans cover some or all of the cost of the therapy. Laser therapy for pain can provide relief from pain caused by arthritic conditions, muscle spasms, shingles, migraines, as well as other painful ailments. Many doctors who specialize in pain management often recommend this form of therapy to patients who are having difficultly controlling acute pain. For instance, some doctors will often prescribe it for patients that have sore muscles from a sports injury.

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Laser therapy for pain not only may provide relief from discomfort and various conditions, but it may also be used to help prevent future pain problems. Because the laser targets the pain location where the nerves originate from, patients may feel a reduction in pain after several treatments. During the therapy, the doctor may use a hand-held device or a machine that directs the laser energy to the areas of pain.

Although there is no standard length of time that a patient should take to experience pain relief using laser therapy for pain, many doctors recommend that their patients take six to twelve weeks before expecting any benefits. For some patients, however, the pain relief does not occur right away. For example, it may take a few months for a patient to experience any pain reduction with laser therapy for pain. If a patient suffers from chronic pain, however, it may take years before any improvements are noticeable. Some doctors will make recommendations such as limiting activity or reducing the level of exercise that a patient is doing to reduce pain. In addition, if a patient suffers from an acute injury or condition, they may be restricted to physical therapy or prescribed pain medications to help control the pain.

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